BAM Fan Accessories fabricates industrial-grade silencers that perform well and stand up to rugged applications and installation. 

BAM can produce standard silencers and custom-fabricated silencers. 

Standard Silencers

BAM's round silencers are designed for easy installation, with flanges sized to the industry standard of 18", 24", and 36" diameter ductwork. Transitions to and from the fan and/or duct connections can be provided. Modular design allows for repeatable performance, fast delivery, and cost-effective production. 

Performance Specifications

BAM standard industrial silencers have been field-tested. The dBA reduction in actual field installation typically ranges between 9 and 12 dBA when installed on the open inlet or discharge of a fan. 

The pressure drop through the silencer is less than 0.25" wg at 2500 fpm airflow. 

BAM standard silencers are round, 4-foot long, and come in 18", 24", and 36" diameters. The tube shell is 12 ga., with 3/16" flanges on both ends. The construction is all welded - no screws or lock-seams are used. 

For extra silencing power, mating two standard silencers into one 8-foot length can produce truly dramatic noise reduction at relatively low cost. 


Note: The standard silencer is intended to be a cost-effective option for significantly reducing noise, benefiting from the cost savings associated with standardized production. If specific frequency analysis and a guaranteed performance are required, please consider a BAM custom silencer, which is designed and built on a per-job basis.